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David has been seeing Dr. Carson Lo for almost 6 years now. He came highly recommended by my husband's neurologist/spinal surgery specialist. Our PCP also highly recommended Dr. Lo. My husband has had two spinal surgeries . After the first one, he fell and broke his L3 vertebra .He then had a second surgery to remove the rods and screws that were originally placed in his spine along with fusions of his vertebrae and we bought David home after about 4-5 days. A few weeks later he had a high fever and a swollen area on his surgical site. That's when Dr. Carson Lo was called in. He performed several blood tests after aspiration through a needle was tried. David had osteomyelitis, a very serious and life threatening case of it along with osteoporosis like a 90 year old woman. Dr. Lo put him on infusions twice daily of antibiotics and oral antibiotics. When David came home, he had health care RNs come to our home and do the infusions twice daily. This went on for at least 5-6 months. Dr. Lo would see David in his office every two weeks for blood work and to check on the status of the antibiotics he was getting. Then it was every four weeks and during these times, Dr. Lo would call our home to keep updated on his condition. Dr. Lo is one of the smartest physicians we have ever known. At the time of David's hospital stay, not one of his other doctors was able to figure out what was going on with David's spinal surgery site. It was through Dr. Lo's expertise in infectious diseases that he was able to diagnose the osteomyelitis. When Dr. Lo was given the referral to come to the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Memorial City (even though his office is in Katy, Texas), he came the evening time of the same day the other doctors called him. He came to the hospital each day to examine David's area that was so swollen and so painful in his spine and surgical site. It was the osteomyelitis of the bone and around the hardware they had surgically put in that was found and diagnosed by Dr. Lo. David could have died because of it spreading throughout other bones. For the next year we saw Dr. Lo on a monthly basis for blood work and physical examinations. The antibiotics were working. Thanks to God and prayers. We will be eternally grateful for Dr. Lo, his knowledge and expertise, but also for his genuine care. He truly cares about his patients and he takes the time that each patient may need. David and I have highly recommended Dr. Lo and will continue to recommend him and his very caring staff that work with him!

~ Cynthia and David



I highly recommend Dr. Lo as an excellent doctor and a caring, compassionate man who saved my life. I called Mary Ann, his assistant, desperate to find someone who could diagnose my problem and she immediately worked me into their schedule for my appointment. Dr. Lo spent a great deal of time with me and then ordered a biopsy. This is something that my other doctors declined to investigate for an entire month.

I was then diagnosed with a Stage 4 cancer and began chemotherapy with a wonderful oncologist in Katy. I am currently in remission and thank Dr. Lo for his keen medical expertise and care for his patients. I still receive calls from Mary Ann, 7 months later to see how I am doing.

I highly recommend their team!

~ Carol



I started treatment with Dr. Lo in December 2016. I am blessed as my disease is curable, but treatment is somewhat taxing to your system.
During my 12 weeks on drug therapy, his staff and Dr. Lo himself returned calls, answered questions, and helped to get my insurance coverage completed.
Being sick is no fun but Dr. Lo and staff made it a smooth transition. It is now October 2017 and I am cured! Thank you!

~ Donna



Dr. Linda S. Yancey, in my opinion, is absolutely the best doctor I've had. She is always welcoming, supportive, and educative each visit. She makes each visit go pleasant and she has a friendly staff. I would never want to change doctors and I would recommend her to anyone that are in need of medical needs pertaining to their practice. Thank you for keeping me healthy. You saved my life!

~ Anonymous



I was very pleased with my experience at Dr. Yancey's office. Coming to Dr. Yancey's is a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It is good to be treated with professionalism and care. I would say that Dr. Yancey and all the other employees of West Houston Infectious Disease Associates makes me feel that I am in safe hands and even makes me smile when I leave, you can believe they are the best. I appreciate their follow-up and willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you to all of them!
My wife and I have always been able to talk to Dr. Yancey and get our questions answered. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. She truly cares and is very personable. I would not consider changing doctors.

~ Anonymous


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